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The farm at Windy Ridge

July 2023 was a great start to a new crop of lavender.  Nearly 800 new plants were put in the ground with friends and family at the inaugural planting party of the new plugs.  While Amy helped organize the planting, Scott worked the smoker and revealed two briskets for all the hungry volunteers.  A great time was had by all!

Culinary Lavender

Given the focus on culinary lavender, the majority of the plantings in the new crop are French Provence, English varieties Royal Velvet and Hidcote Pink.  Here's the first plant of the new crop in the ground...

Summer's End

While it will take a couple years for this new crop to reach maturity, the careful cultivation of each plant with love, oversight, and just the right amount of water helped them grow from plugs (tiny seedlings) to volleyball size in the first summer.  In the coming years, the plants will grow to approximately three feet around and three feet tall.  We can't wait to show you the progress along the way. 


The last of
the '23 Dalias and Zinnias

With the warm weather waning, the mountains got their first white blanket of winter and the last of the Dalias and Zinnias are still hanging on awaiting the first hard frost of the season.


Celebration of Fall

In the garden, it was time to wade through the pumpkin jungle and find the prizes.  This year's haul was about 25!

 AmyPUmpkin 2.heic
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